We help you grow your impact with the people that you serve!

Our mission at Philip Havens Technology LLC is to help you, the local small business owner, grow your business by connecting you to the people that you serve by designing a beautiful and functional website.

Do you have any of these challenges with your website?


It looks lousy and it works poorly on a mobile device.


It gets no website traffic or if it does, no one contacts you from it.


It is hard to update and you need to work on other things anyway.


The design looks very outdated and the content is old.


It doesn't generate any leads or bring in any sales.


Help! You don't have a tech staff person to deal with problems related to the website.

Relax, we have Options and solutions for you!

our brand promise to you

To make the right website investment, start with the very best review of your business plans and goals. At Philip Havens Technology, our mission is to help local small business owners grow their impact by connecting them to the people that they serve. To do this requires a high level of attention to detail, a thorough understanding of a business’ goals and objectives, and also a diagnostic curiosity that helps uncover potential conflicts in goals, requirements, and priorities. Philip Havens Technology always takes a closer look. We scrutinize everything with you — from the mission statement to the status of existing web content — and help educate you throughout the entire process. With a website investment of any size, business owners can’t afford to be in the dark regarding the development methodology. Philip Havens Technology provides thorough, objective and definitive analysis to help you make your most-informed, best-educated website design decisions.