portfolio of website DESIGN projects


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Praise Christian Fellowship - Barkhamsted, Connecticut

This website showcases the use of a number of Squarespace features:

  • Blog pages for weekly sermons via a podcast feed for iTunes.

  • A wide image scrolling slideshow on the home page that features special events and activities.

  • A calendar feature that provides quick access to all scheduled services and activities.

  • Integration with a payment processor that enables members and attendees to support the church with online contributions.

  • Integration with Eventbrite for registration of special events.

  • The theme chosen by this client is very minimalistic, meaning it is simple and clean, with a lot of white space. The theme is also mobile responsive, sometimes called mobile friendly, as all Squarespace themes currently are designed to be.


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Bucks Unlimited Real Estate LLC - Medicine Lodge, Kansas

  • This website also utilizes a fairly simple, clean theme design that displays some local photography provided by the client.

  • The long scrolling home page is easy to view on mobile devices simply by swiping with your thumb or finger.

  • The home page is comprised of several sections, each section highlighting a different aspect of the real estate company.

  • The home page also utilizes a parallax scrolling technique on the banner image at the top of the page. *

  • The property listing pages feature an automatically scrolling gallery of photos.

  • Multiple call-to-action buttons are prominently displayed on each page, making it easy for site visitors to either find more information or contact the client.

  • At the bottom of each page, a "fat" footer area is used to provide easy access to the client's contact phone number, links on the site, and links to real estate related resources on other websites.

* Parallax scrolling is a web site technique where the background content (i.e. an image) is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling.


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Unexpected Treasures / Ace Marketing and Sales - Canton, Connecticut

  • This website has a customized theme using colors and fonts specified by the client, as well as a customized site header background image and a custom logo.

  • Due to the nature of the client's business, the size uses a large number of photos displayed in a variety of layouts.

  • The site also leverages a landing page (called a "Cover Page" in Squarespace lingo) for Ace Marketing and Sales, another of the client's businesses, visually differentiating it from the main website. This page is also directly accessible using the web address acemarketingandsales.com.

  • Google map integration for the various locations makes it easy to find the stores where the client offers products for sale.

  • At the bottom of each page a "fat" footer areas is used to provide easy access to all of the locations that the client has products, hours the locations are open, and links to all pages on the website.