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A wise choice for professional website auditing services in the Farmington Valley, Avon, Canton, New Hartford, Simsbury, Burlington, and Northwest Connecticut. Also serving clients throughout Connecticut and nationwide.

So you are considering a face lift to an existing website because you think it doesn’t look good enough or isn’t relevant? Or perhaps you are wondering why your website isn’t bringing in the leads that you thought it would. You want to have a positive experience taking the next step, though you might not even know what the right next step is. You don’t want surprises, you want as much reliable information as possible, and above all, you want peace of mind and the assurance that you are making the right decision.

To make the right investment in your website and content marketing strategy, start with a trusted partner.

People work best with people that they trust. Clients and colleagues trust Philip Havens. Philip Havens Technology LLC is the wise choice for providing all of these benefits during what sometimes is a confusing, techno-speak filled, and jargon-laced conversation.

As a member of the committee tasked with developing a website for the Canton Community Health Fund, it gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Philip Havens Technology LLC. I highly recommend Phil without reservation. He sets an outstanding example as a selfless worker and a team player who would make a great addition to any organization.

Phil attended to the important details of website construction for the Canton Community Health Fund with kind patience and an even temperament. He watched over every detail with a wealth of knowledge that was extraordinarily helpful in building a website that is both comprehensive in scope, and easy to maintain by the volunteers in our nonprofit organization. He was consistently prompt in responding to our requests, very flexible in making changes and stayed within our agreed budget.
— Jay Tourigny, Canton Community Health Fund, Board Member and Website Committee
Phil is extremely organized, pays attention to detail, and is prompt in meeting his customer’s needs. I have enjoyed working with Phil and highly recommend his website services.
— Vince Tokarz, Farmington Education Association, Secretary and Website Committee Chairman
In the many years we have had a website, we’ve seen five different webmasters. One segment of God’s Great Outdoors numerous operations has been cause for several restless nights. Needing things done correctly and in a timely manner had been almost a constant issue for us. Having to remind the people providing you service to do what you wanted and how it should look has consumed much time in the past. Phil Havens takes the time to listen to what you’re trying to accomplish and get a very clear picture of what’s in your mind and how the site or pages should look. We have worked with others who would ask questions, but you might as well have been talking to a cinder block wall. Phil listens, then repeats back what he believes was relayed to him until he has a real handle on the objectives, to get it as close as possible the first time with few additions needed later. What a refreshing and positive experience it has been to deal with someone of his caliber!
— Gerry Caillouet, Founder, Executive Producer, God’s Great Outdoors
High integrity, creative problem solving and a demonstrated commitment to getting things done are just some of the qualities Phil brings to his business. Phil’s years of experience in the technology field along with his excellent organizational skills and sense of humor are assets he’ll bring to any project, which will lay a great foundation for success. Working with Phil for several years was both a privilege and a pleasure and I’m certain anyone employing Phil’s services will experience the same.
— Trish Egan, Director Business Planning, Technology Division, ESPN
Phil is a highly detailed, well organized, quick learning individual who consistently displays a stellar attitude. Phil’s work ethic is of the highest caliber.
— Ernest Trimborn, Director Quality Assurance, Technology Division, ESPN
Phil is a highly motivated, hard working team member… would be a great asset.
— Michael Leser, Methodology and Portfolio Manager, Technology Project Management Office, ESPN